My website

March 2021

Dear all,

Welcome to my personal website. On this website you can read about the projects I have been working on and am working on:

  • My current design implementation project. Tapp-BDP: A smartphone application that assists water suppliers and consumers in the operation and maintenance of piped water supply systems (NWO funded).
  • My design research project. DELTAP: Small-scale piped water supply for end-users in the Ganges Brahmaputra Meghna Delta (NWO funded).
  • My PhD project. Design for Well-being: An Approach to Understand Users’ Lives in Design for Development (NWO funded).
  • My MSc graduation project. The design and development of a Tasar silk reeling machine to empower rural women in northern India

I hope you find the information useful or just enjoy reading about these projects!

Best wishes, Annemarie